Interview: Ali Levine

Disobedient's wave hello to Celebrity Stylist Ali Levine. Ali is a native New Yorker, who is currently residing and pursuing her dream in Hollywood, California. She has worked with and styled some of your favorite celebs such as, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Holly Robinson Peete, James Maslow, Jesse McCartney and so much more. Ali has even worked with one of my favorite magazine's, Vogue Italia. She has also recently styled a hand full of A-Lister's for the 2014 BET Awards.

Ali Levine, has a very high number of credentials and her work can be found in many prints, magazines and so on.You're such an inspiration Ali, keep on styling.

Me: First off, what are some of your favorite trends for this season?

AL: I really mono chromatic moments right now. You can't go wrong with a great black and white look! That being said the neon world is rocking too!

Me: Who were your favorite celebrities to style?

AL: I have many amazing clients, recently Holly Robinson Peete and her family is quite amazing to style and know as people.

Me: What was it like working on a project with Kanye West?

AL: He's a creative mastermind. Just learning and being around him, you see how fast something clicks for him, and what wardrobe does for his look

Me: What would you never be caught dead wearing?

AL: A turban, I know they are in at the moment, personally I think theres a better way to accessorize your head ladies!

Me: Any guilty pleasures?
AL: HEELS!! ( all day) Chocolate, umm some reality shows haha! guilty!

Me: Name two celebrities that you would love to give a make-over.

AL: Kesha and Paris Hilton. They both have great style and have had amazing moments with their career, I just think little tips and certain tricks would dial their looks up completely!

Me: What are some of the challenges you've faced while styling a celebrity?

AL: Everyday you face a challenge, whether it be the celebrity not liking a dress, a color, the fit not being perfect.. its constant!

Me: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

AL: I have always loved Valentino. So classic and chic. I also love Dolce and Gabbana. The structure and detail.

Me: What is your signature look?

AL: I always say I'm boho glam but chic! I like to think what I wear is versatile and boho esqu'e but more dialed up with a lot of glam! Many would say, its a maxi dress with a blazer or faux fur vest. Lots of rings, cuffs and more! And of course, heels!

Me: When did your have your first "Mom I made it" moment?

AL: I think when I was featured in the NY Times. I'll never forget that phone call or that sit down with them. It was unreal, and still amazes me.

Me: Where can my readers learn more about you and follow you on your journey?

AL: They can follow me at @Alilevinedesign on twitter and instagram, my facebook page is My website where they can see my fashion tips, the celebs I style and much more at

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